Why was my order declined by HeidiPay?

There are several reasons why your order could have been declined:

  • Insufficient funds for the transaction
  • Card limit already reached
  • Invalid card (HeidiPay does not accept prepaid credit cards or virtual cards)
  • Selected payment method does not match card details
  • Negative payment history
  • Reported financial difficulties
  • Fraud prevention (for example attempting too many purchases in a short amount of time)

Being declined once doesn’t mean your future purchases will always be declined. Each purchase is a new decision and the outcome not only depends on you but also on conditions set by the merchant.

What increases the chances for approval?

  • Make sure that you have enough funds on your account
  • Make sure that your credit limit is high enough
  • Your total order amount may be too high, removing an item from your basket could help
  • Ensure that your card details match the selected payment method
  • Ensure your name and billing address match those of your card
  • Make sure that you have no previous overdue instalments with HeidiPay
  • The longer you have been a responsible shopper with HeidiPay, the better we know you and the more likely your future purchases will be accepted